Wednesday, September 22, 2010


All or nothing. That's how it works in here...

All is...

Nothing is...

Void statements.

"The supersystem spans the globe and fine glass tubes pierce the sky. This thing really does have nerves of steel. It is more than a machine, more than a man. Ten thousand eyes and all the beauty in the world.
Not one sound, not one glimmer."


Bold and brash.
A thrust of colour!

Drama queens unite!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tenebris Lumis

It all seemed so clear. Now so obscure.
But how clear the obscurity!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Im Person

Slow and steady.... a cosmic "fuck it" may be coming.
This, not this. This? No not this.
Another another. Another forlorn lover.

Past the finish line. Big big winner. Still in the race, sorry SOB.
What of it? To me this, this, this........"Oh if all could be stamped plain...." Tis stamped so indeed.
Pain for me, effort and strife. No way out. No way in. Never moved an inch. Nothing to move.

A big prize or a lazy nap. Command and verb.... I distrust ye.

To tell the truth. Concerned with effect. That these pulses tell no tale but your own... Tis done. Opinion is truth.

I dare you to show me untruth.

A big bubblecake

What? Where? Why? How?
It is how it is. Another's eyes, a thought for me in a thought of theirs. Judge, worry, squwy squwaw. No matter. Pudding platter. Not here, not there.
Everywhere, nowhere... Give up. Left. Right. Curlycue.
Easy come easy go.
Half a jug. Image. Me so damn awful. Blooboo.
Nothing for me and some for you. You mercury dancing fantom. Ye old telegraph. Ye magic purple spear. One through the 'ead n' yer dead. Clic. This one, not that one. Here now.... Already a memory. Keep up with me.